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Documents Necessary for Completing Insurance

Motor Insurance 
  1. A full completed proposal form.
    1. Click here to download the appropriate form; Private Car, Motorcycle, Commercial Vehicle, Special Types (The form may be completed at an IMB Office if more convenient)
  2. Proof of ownership -  A bill of sale, including customs entry and bill of lading if vehince is an import or the Vehicle Registration disc.
  3. Valid Driver's Licences for all drivers.
  4. Proof of No Claims discount from previous insurers.
  5. A Medical certificate (for any driver who is seventy years of age or older).
    1. Click Here to Download form
  6. Motor Engineer's Report (required if vehicle has a salvage title).
  7. It is also a requirement that the vehicle be brought to our office for inspection unless purchased brand new from a dealer in The Bahamas. 

Home Insurance

  1. A fully complete Home Insurance Proposal Form. Click here to download the appropriate form. (The form may be completed at an IMB Office if more convenient)
  2. Your most recent appraisal.
  3. Whilst not a requirement per se,  you may wish to complete an inventory of your contents, making note of any individual 'High Risk' Items* with a value exceeding $2,500. 
    1. Click here for our Contents Inventory Form to assist you.
    2. *High Risk Items are TV, Personal Computers, Audio and Video Equipment, Jewellery, Watches, Clocks, Articles of precious metal (other than jewellery), pictures, works of art, curios, collections and photographic equipment.
  4. Receipt, valuation or appraisal of each item with a value exceeding $1,000 that is to be insured under Section 3 - "All Risks" Specified Items. 


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