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Catastrophe Perils & Hurricane Insurance

You may see reference to the term Catastrophe Perils in various communications and for all policies issued by Insurance Management (Bahamas) Ltd these are defined as:
hurricane, tropical storm, cyclone, tornado, earthquake, volcanic eruption or tidal wave.

To further explain these definitions a tropical storm is defined as a weather disturbance in which sustained winds exceed 39 miles an hour but not more than 74 miles an hour. If sustained winds exceed 74 miles per hour, the disturbance is then classified as a hurricane.

The Government Metrological Office verifies the wind speeds and classifies the weather disturbance accordingly.

My house is worth $250,000 but my Bank says I only have to insure it for $175,000. Why?

Buildings insurance is put into effect to cover the rebuilding cost of a house and its outbuildings such as a garage, boundary walls, footpaths, driveways and any other structures. It is not necessary to insure the value of the land on which the house is built. However, it would be incorrect to insure only for the amount you have borrowed from the Bank as this will probably result in a claim not being fully met (see Underinsurance) If you are not sure about how much you should insure for we recommend you arrange for a professional appraisal making sure you tell them it is for insurance purposes

"High Risk” Items

A policy in respect of Contents of a Home refers to “High Risk “ Items and these are defined as: televisions, personal computers, audio and video equipment, jewelry, watches, clocks, articles of precious metals, pictures, works of art, curios, collections and photographic equipment.

Certain restrictions apply in respect of these items, namely, the total amount of the items must not exceed 35% of the total sum insured and no one item individually must exceed $2,500.

If these limits are not sufficient for your needs please contact Insurance Management (Bahamas) Ltd. to make special arrangements.

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